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Bee Hive Insulated Plastic 10 frames Langstroth single box

Bee Hive Insulated Plastic 10 frames Langstroth single box

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Key Features:

  1. Excellent Insulation: Crafted from high-quality insulated plastic, this

    Langstroth bee hive is designed to maintain stable temperatures within the

    hive. The insulation helps regulate heat during both hot summers and cold

    winters, creating a comfortable and stress-free space for your bees.

  1. Durable and Weather-Resistant: The insulated plastic material is built to

    withstand various weather conditions. It ensures your hive remains sturdy

    and protected against the elements, providing a safe shelter for your

    precious honeybees.

  1. Compatible with Langstroth System: Our bee hive is designed to be compatible

    with the Langstroth system, making it easy to use and integrate with

    existing equipment. The standard sizing ensures seamless beekeeping


  1. Integrated Ventilation: The hive features integrated ventilation to ensure

    proper airflow for your bees. This helps prevent condensation and maintain a

    healthy hive environment.

  1. User-Friendly Design: The Insulated Plastic Langstroth Bee Hive is designed

    for easy assembly and maintenance. Its lightweight yet robust construction

    makes it convenient to handle and move.


1 x Insulated top Cover

1 x Inner Cover Type Feeder

1 x Super box

1 x Deep Brood Box

2 x Frame spacer

1 x  Division board

1 x Sliding Entrance Reducer

2 x Round Bee Entrances

1 x Ergonomic IPM Bottom Board

1 x trap pollen

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