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Insulated Plastic Beehive 3 layers

Insulated Plastic Beehive 3 layers

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The future has arrived 

The floor is a ventilated and hygienic, it is  a pollen trap too with a big tray to collect it

 Each box have , PVC board as dividers, handles , locks , 2 thermometers/ hygrometer one of them in front of and the other one on the back ( you can check the temperature and humidity inside of each box) , also each box have frame holder foldable great for easy inspections and double wall insulated , very good for hot and cold weather.

Also have a top feeder around a gallon of capacity, multiuse  inner cover and insulated lid with a hole for feed the hive without open de hive .

And check the  migratory lid. ready for strapping. 

Other Great future is that the brood box you can use it like double Nucs.

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